In June of 2014, the first novel in the Rock & Roll Mystery Series, Rock & Roll Homicide, was made free on Amazon Kindle. Since then it has been consistently on Amazon’s Top 100 List in three categories: Rock, Crime, and Mystery.

Not everyone is a fan of ebooks. Many of my readers still prefer the experience of holding a paper book when reading. They also enjoy keeping a few special books in hardcover for future re-reads and for sharing with friends.

Unfortunately, Killeena Publishing can’t offer a freebie with paper books because of the manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping costs. But, the publisher can offer the next best thing – a sale.

Between now and Christmas Day, Mystery/Thriller of the Year award winner Rock & Roll Rip-Off is on sale in hardcover for $14.99 (originally $25.95). In addition, I have personally autographed each of these First Editions. If you have any friends or family on your Christmas list who are music and/or mystery fans, this would make a terrific gift.

While Rock & Roll Rip-Off is the second novel in the Rock & Roll Mystery Series, each of the books is written so that it can be read as a stand-alone. In other words, you don’t need to have read #1 to understand #2.

If your gift recipient is a mystery reader, he or she should be reading quite a bit about the series in the weeks leading up to Christmas. That’s because novel #5, Diamonds, Clubs, and Rock & Roll, is slated for release in October. Usually about half of the major reviews are published in the first couple of months after the release date. That means your gift will be opened around the time that publicity is at its peak.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the series a success. I hope you enjoy my next novel as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Click here to read the excerpt to Rock & Roll Rip-Off and place the order.

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